Our company is also engaged in import and export of various goods. The company "Ukrexporter” works more than 5 years as the commercial agent at the market of Ukraine.
The main groups of goods transported in various points of the world by our company are timber, wood, food, chemistry, metal products, various raw materials.

The main export direction of our company is export of timber and the round wood.The Company "Ukrexporter" is a major exporter of timber in Ukraine. The monthly volume of the exported production more than 3000 cbm. This volume is produced from our own operations, located in Odessa, Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and Chernivtsi regions.
The made production is exported to the most different corners of the world , and the main importers of our production are the companies from China, South Korea, India, Pakistan, and also the countries of Africa.

Today our company has 8 power-saw benches, with the high quality equipment.Practically all power-saw benches have the newest multisaw machines of WALTER firm that allows to satisfy any inquiries by the sizes and quality of production in the arsenal.